Commercial Solar Installation Nowra Shoalhaven NSW

28.08kW System


South Nowra

Installation Type


Est. Annual Savings


System Payback

2-3 years

About the project

This project was facilitated for a commercial business located in an industrial estate, based in South Nowra, NSW. We implemented 72 x 390w Jinko Solar Tiger TR solar panels, with 2 x 2 × Fronius Symo inventers from our solar system packages.

Estimated annual energy production

Overall, the system has an estimated annual production of 41,708kWh.

Financial savings

The productivity of the system will generate financial savings of approximately $7,986.26 per year. This is comprised of saving what would be an electricity bill of $7,986.26, plus a $296.86 annual credit. This credit is a feed-in tariff payment made to you by your electricity retailer for your excess electricity which feeds back into the grid. With these financial savings, the system costs would be paid back in 2-3 years.

Want to know what you could save? Find out with our solar savings calculator.

Return on investment (ROI)

Overall, the solar system will generate an ROI of 800%. This is based on the lifetime of the system of 20 years.

Environmental benefits

Environmentally, this renewable energy source would save 14,194 kg of coal per year, or 12,489 litres of petrol annually. The trees planted equivalent is 752 trees per year.

Want to know more about the benefits generated by our system? You can use our solar savings calculator to find your own potential savings.

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