Calculate your savings by installing a solar power system from Shoalhaven Solar

“How much will I save with a solar power system?”

Recommending a solar system specification to our customers is generally straightforward; however, we wanted to allow our customers the opportunity to calculate how much they will save by installing a high-quality PV system—their return on investment. 

Based on the information you provide, data from our Shoalhaven Solar customers, and our solar design software, our calculator will give you an estimate of total five-year savings, including repayment of the system and installation costs.

How it works

Answer a few simple questions, and we will email you a system specification and an estimate of how much you could save over a five-year investment in solar power – instantly!

The estimates consider your current electricity expenditure and your electricity usage and are calculated based on our quoting software.

Please note that we can confirm your final system recommendation and price after a site inspection.


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