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Shoalhaven Solar Energy Solutions is a locally owned business servicing the Shoalhaven, Wollongong/Illawarra and Southern Highland regions


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Our services

Solar Power

Use the sun to power your home. High efficiency panels and battery ready systems let you become less reliant on the grid and reduce your electricity bills.

Battery Storage

A solar and battery solution lets you store the excess electricity you create during the day and use it during your homes peak usage times. Adding a battery can eliminate up to 95% of your electricity bills.

Maintenance & Repair

If your solar power system isn’t making as much power as it used to it may have a fault in one of the panels or the inverter. Regular testing and cleaning of your system keeps it performing the way it should.


Get in touch and let us help reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint today

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Why Shoalhaven Solar?


Reduce your energy bills

Shoalhaven Solar Energy Solutions is a local and family operated business based in Berry. Our passion is harnessing the sun’s power to provide a better life for the residents of the Shoalhaven by reducing and eliminating ridiculously high energy costs, and to help protect the beautiful environment of the Shoalhaven. We work throughout the Shoalhaven, including Nowra, Berry and Milton-Ulladulla.


Free full site inspection

As part of our personalised service, every property receives a full site inspection before any talk of a sale begins.  We will provide you with figures on the estimated return of your investment along with the annual production forecasts of the proposed solar system, to help you completely understand how to most benefit from your new solar power system.


A solar system to meet your particular needs

We understand that every household is unique, which is why every system is uniquely designed to best help the needs of our customers. When done correctly solar power can bring decades of cheap electricity to your home or business and work out to be one of the best investments you will ever make.


Ongoing support and honesty

Once the installation is complete you become a Shoalhaven Solar Energy Solutions customer for the lifetime of your system.  For your peace of mind, we provide remote system monitoring, which includes automatic email alerts to our office in the unlikely event of a system fault. We promise to only offer honest information that will truly benefit the needs of our customer.


Friendly, no obligation advice

We pride ourselves on customer service and offer friendly, personalised no obligation advice on suitable solar power systems for your needs and budget.