Residential solar installation services

Solar power system installation helps you fight the ever-rising price of electricity. There has never been a better time to have a uniquely designed solar power system installed at your Shoalhaven home.

Shoalhaven Solar Energy Solutions are a trusted local supplier, installer and advisor on all aspects of solar energy and electric vehicle charging. Our services include:

  • Solar power

  • Energy storage

  • EV charge stations

  • LED lighting

  • Off grid energy

  • Energy management

Learn about solar installation and joining the solar revolution at home!

Why install a solar system on your home?

1. Lower your power bill

We all know that dreaded feeling that comes when you see your energy bill in the mail. How much will it cost? Have you budgeted enough to pay the bill? Having the right solar system on your roof eases this tension.

Here at Shoalhaven Solar, we work with your unique requirements to ensure either your off-grid or grid-connected solar energy system is both within your budget and designed to maximise your savings. Because as we all know, unfortunately, the cost of power is only going one way and that’s up.

2. Ability to generate your own electricity

Energy from the sun beams down on your home every day; even in winter and on overcast days. When you have solar PV panels on your roof, you harness this power and generate electricity that you can use in your home. Surplus power is fed back into the grid and depending on your provider and you will be credited for the power you provide with a feed-in tariff.

When you don’t have solar PV panels, the limitless power of the sun is lost on your home – what a waste of natural renewable energy!

3. Improve the environment

Installing solar PV panels on your roof is one of the easiest and most practical ways of contributing to a sustainable future. Starting on your own home is a fantastic way to show that you care about reducing your carbon footprint. In fact, installing a small 1 kW solar electricity system prevents the release of an incredible 1.5 tonnes of carbon every year.

Let's work together to look after our environment and keep the gorgeous Shoalhaven green.

4. Solar energy is a long-term investment

Your solar system will start saving you money the moment it’s switched on, but the benefits of solar power will run well into the future. Indeed, the longer you have your system, the more benefits you enjoy.

Most solar systems pay themselves off in less than five years, and they add value to your home or business. Plus, for complete peace of mind, our brands all offer 15- 25-year limited power warranties along with industry-competitive guarantees on parts and workmanship. This means that your solar system is set to save you money and support the environment in both the short and long term.

Most importantly, Shoalhaven Solar prides itself on exceptional after-sales service. We’re dedicated to our customers long after their initial purchase and offer quick turnaround on solar servicing, maintenance and repairs.

5. Easy finance options available

At Shoalhaven Solar, we know that sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the sometimes-high up-front costs of your investment. We are happy to offer our customers easy monthly or weekly payment options which would see your investment paid off within 5 years.

6. Repair and maintenance

If you think your solar panels aren’t performing as they should be, or your inverter has packed it up completely you could be losing a lot of money on your electricity bills.

Shoalhaven Solar Energy Solutions can repair or replace any component that isn’t working as it should, so you can get back to getting the most benefit out of solar system.

Got more questions?

Read our FAQs, calculate your solar savings, or get in touch to organise a free, no-obligation visit to your home.

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