Green Catch Power Diverter

As a homeowner, installing solar is a smart decision, but it's important to optimize your energy usage to get the most out of your investment. The CATCH power diverter has built-in algorithms to can take control of when your electric hot water heater is activated.

For many households, electric hot water heaters typically account for major power usage each day and so they often directly contribute to much of your electricity bill, even when they run off-peak.

The Green CATCH power diverter means you can take advantage of when your solar system is generating electricity to heat your hot water when the sun is shining, instead of relying on purely off-peak electricity periods to heat water with power drawn from the grid. This can drastically decrease your power bills because your hot water requires less power to bring it up to temperature during the night (off-peak period).

The CATCH Control Panel allows you to control how your water is heated with different settings to suit your needs.

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  • Solar Only setting is perfect for hotter climates or summer months when you don't need to use off-peak power.
  • Heat Now is another option for times when your hot water usage increases, like when family comes to visit.
  • Boost 2.5 hrs and Boost 5 hrs settings allow your off-peak power to top up your hot water for a designated time frame
  • But that's not all - the CATCH boosting settings offer two options. You can select a fixed time frame, or you can let CATCH determine the ideal boost time for you.

Most solar systems see a return on investment in 4.5 to 5 years, but with CATCH Power, you can further reduce payback time, often by up to six months. Over the life of the system, this can add up to thousands of dollars in savings on your power bills.

What sets CATCH apart is its ability to learn and adjust to your family's hot water usage patterns. The first time you select a boost setting, the hot water element will turn on for the fully allocated time. If your hot water system reaches its cut-off temperature before midday, CATCH will reduce the allocated time off-peak power turns on by 12.5% each night until it finds the perfect setting for you.

Quality Australian Made equipment.


5 Year warranty when you register your device online with CATCH

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