Fronius Inverters



Fronius Inverters

Fronius is an Austrian owned business that has been producing high quality and innovative products since 1945.

Known for their revolutionary solutions for the solar industry, Fronius is one of our most popular inverter brand options due to its ability to produce long term results while providing a quick return on investment.

Advanced Monitoring

The technological advancements that come with every Fronius inverter provides users with a sense of enthusiasm, trust and confidence.

Featuring a monitoring system that is of the highest standard, Fronius inverters help our customers to boost their awareness of how to best use their electricity after the solar installation has been completed.

Australian Support

Due to such high demand within Australia, Fronius has set up Fronius Australia, a subsidiary company looking after everything from customer service to repairs and training all within Australia.

For us, this is a huge tick because less turn around for supply demand for our customers or in the unlikely event of a needed repair, this would occur within Australia not overseas.