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Here at Shoalhaven Solar we are proud to use only the most efficient and trusted solar panels in the world. You can trust that we hand pick brands that are proven to go the distance. The products that we use are well established, reputable and among the most efficient in the world.  You can also rest easy knowing that our panel warranties  are among the longest on the market, up to 25 years. For your convenience we have also attached our panel data sheets for you to go over should you require more information about the product. 


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Battery Storage

The battery energy storage systems on the market today are affordable, look great, have minimal maintenance requirements, are extremely efficient and are very safe. Adding a battery storage system to your solar panels lets you get the most out of your solar panel production. Waste not want not is what we say, why give the excess power produced by your solar panels back to the electricity companies when you can store it and use it during your peak demand periods.

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