SMA Sunny Boy Solar Inverters



SMA Inverters

The SMA Sunny Boy inverters provide a great solution for solar. Manufactured in Germany, they’re of the highest quality and are known for being reliable.

Designed to make things easy, these inverters are what we recommend to our customers due to the quality, adaptability to offer battery storage (if you choose to get it at a later date) and design features.

Battery ready

Designed to be battery ready, SMA Sunny Boy inverters allow for intelligent energy management and storage solutions to be added at any time.

This allows you to start storing excess solar power generated which can then be used as a backup system to power your home during a blackout. Manufactured in Germany, SMA Sunny Boy Inverters are of the highest quality and are heavily reliable.

Automatic monitoring

Keep your peace of mind with SMA Smart Connected, the investment security that is included with your inverter.

This free service is activated by us during your install and includes automatic monitoring and troubleshooting.

If a replacement device is necessary, a new inverter will be supplied within 3 days of identifying the fault.